Resources for Commuter Students

Commuter students have identified the following spaces as great places to spend that extra time between classes.

  • Lounge in basement of Academic Center
    This lounge has been unofficially named the Commuter Lounge and is located in the basement of the Academic Center. There are computers with printer, a microwave, vending machines, couches, and tables. Although not as quiet as the library, the space is somewhat quiet for studying and socializing.
  • Klein Hall Lobby
    The main lobby in Klein Hall is a high-traffic area with couches for lounging and socializing, a television and vending machines.
  • Klein Hall Dining Room
    Located on the first floor of Klein Hall. Commuters can take advantage of the inexpensive all you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meal plans and discounts are available.
  • Library
    The Library has many quiet spaces to study or work on one of the computers.

Septa ComPass
Harcum offers all students and employees a 10% discount on the monthly purchase of a pass for public transportation. You must purchase your pass one month in advance at