Identifying and Helping Emotionally Troubled Students

PainFor many students at Harcum, this is their first time away from home and in a structured learning environment. While for most students this transition is manageable and even exciting, for others it is emotional and overwhelming. The combination of emotional and academic stressors may be beyond a student’s ability to cope. These students may also be struggling with other long-standing emotional concerns that are only heightened by the transition to college life.

If you are feel you have encountered a student who is exhibiting signs of emotional and/or academic stressors, you can help by referring the student to Counseling Services so they can get the support they need. This support could result in a referral to an off-campus treatment facility.

If you are unclear of a student’s needs and need assistance, you can contact ACT (Assessment and Care Team). ACT is designed to be a preventative entity whose purpose is to address low-risk behaviors that indicate a possible risk or threat of harm to self or to others, to improve the overall well being of the Harcum Community.  Referrals are made online on the Harcum website at Please fill out the form completely, with as much detail as indicated. Referrals made will be forwarded to a pass protected email address to ensure privacy. For more information, please refer to the ACT brochure.