Dental Clinic

The Abraham and Goldie Cohen Dental Center at Harcum College is a 16-chair clinical facility with state of the art equipment, including radiology rooms, Panorex (a 360-degree dental X-Ray machine), computer lab, and classroom. The clinic is equipped to provide an array of high-quality dental hygiene services to the public at reasonable prices.

Services available include: Cohen Dental Center
  • oral cancer screenings
  • periodontal and restorative charting
  • dental cleaning
  • fluoride treatments
  • preventative oral health instructions
  • homecare aids
  • dental nutritional counseling 
  • sealants
  • radiographs (x-rays) 
  • non-surgical periodontal therapy

The Clinic does not provide restoration dental care, fillings, dentures or extractions.

"By opening the Cohen Dental Center to the public, we are able to provide a valuable service to the community and give our students the important hands-on work they need to succeed as dental professionals," says Professor Jean Byrnes-Ziegler, head of the Dental Hygiene Program at Harcum College. She notes that all dental hygiene services provided at the clinic, while performed by dental hygiene students, are supervised by an experienced licensed dentist and Harcum’s dental hygiene faculty.