Upward Bound

Harcum College's Upward Bound Program helps high school students prepare for their future by providing the opportunities to explore options and solidify career goals, and by helping students to take the first step in the right direction.

The Harcum College Upward Bound Program is designed to help program participants overcome the educational, cultural and social barriers of society, and works to build and enhance the skills and motivation needed to enter and complete post-secondary education. The Harcum College Upward Bound Program is funded by the Department of Education, Office of Post Secondary Education, Higher Education Preparation and Support (HEPS) and Federal TRIO Programs.

Mission: Harcum College Upward Bound is committed to the high school graduation of all seniors in the program;  to ensuring that every senior applies to and is admitted to a post-secondary institution;  to tracking all graduates until they complete a baccalaureate degree and  to the yearly grade-level advancement of its program participants.

Eligibility: Upward Bound is a federally funded program, with services free to students who meet the eligibility guidelines. Let your counselor at your high school know that you are interested.

Call the Upward Bound program at Harcum College at (610) 526-6151.

To be eligible you must:
  • Attend Bartram High School, Motivation High School, or Communications and Technology High School
  • Be a potential first generation college student and/or have a need for financial support in order to attend college.
  • Have the interest and enthusiasm for new and exciting experiences.
  • Be thirsty for the knowledge and opportunities that only college can provide.

How The Program Works: Harcum College's Upward Bound is a year-round program consisting of two parts:

Academic Year Skill Development Sessions and School Visitation

Throughout the academic year, students spend two to three Saturdays a month at Harcum College. During these half-day sessions, topics covered are designed to strengthen students' academic preparation, develop their communication skills (oral and written), prepare them to take standardized tests (ACT & SAT), and familiarize them with the college admission process. In addition, they meet with professionals, visit colleges, and participate in planned social and cultural events.

Students meet with an Upward Bound counselor who visits their school bi-weekly. To enhance students' academic performance, the Upward Bound counselor works closely to prepare students for their college and career searches. Also, the counselor serves as a resource to identify tutors should students require additional assistance.

Summer Residential Program

For six weeks, students reside on the Harcum College campus in Bryn Mawr, PA. Through a simulated college experience, they learn what college is all about. While living in a dormitory, students receive meals in the campus dining hall with other university students. Classes are taught on campus with college professors and/or high school instructors. In fact, the same opportunities that are available to college students are available to Upward Bound students.

An individualized assessment of academic strengths, previously completed courses and overall preparation determines the schedule of courses in English, science (biology, chemistry, physics), and math (algebra/trigonometry, geometry and pre-calculus). To assist students in examining their career options, meetings will be arranged with individuals from a variety of fields such as business, education, industry, engineering, law, medicine, and the sciences.

Students work hard in Upward Bound and must make a commitment to the goals of the program. However, there is time for enjoyment, as the academic schedule allows for a full array of enrichment activities. During the final weeks of the summer program, students will travel to another state to visit colleges and experience different cultures. Students are encouraged to attend plays, to participate in cultural events, talent shows and sports competitions, and to socialize with friends. Campus activities are a great way to explore the college lifestyle and to interact with others who share common experiences.

Program Affiliations:

  • U.S Department of Education
  • National Council of Educational Opportunity Associations (NCEOA)
  • Mid-Eastern Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (MEAEOPP)
  • Pennsylvania Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (PAEOPP)

Taking The Next Step:

If you know of students who are determined to succeed and willing to work, the Upward Bound program can be of assistance. Encourage these students to see their high school counselor for more information and for an Upward Bound application. Also, you may write or call:

Harcum College, Upward Bound Program
750 Montgomery Ave. Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Phone: 610-526-6151
Fax: 610-526-6171

Meet the Staff

Elizabeth Walker
Program Director
Academic Center, Room R-21

Raymond Curry
Student Recruitment and Retention Specialist
Academic Center, Lower Level

Estella Pressley
Administrative Assistant
Academic Center, Room R-18

Quadera Ball
Recruitment & Retention Specialist