Media Services Request

Media Services Request
Media Services Request

Please complete this form and fill in the appropriate fields to request media equipment for your class or campus event.

Media Services requests must be submitted at least three (3) days prior to the requested date.

For more information about requests for Media Services, please contact Daniel Hodas (Media Services Assistant) at 610-526-6167 or email
E-mail Address
Phone Number
Request Date & Days
Building / Room
Will you be using your own laptop?

If you are using your own laptop, please specify what type:

Will you need sound for your presentation?

Will you need a Video Camera for your class or campus event?

Will you need assistance with operating the Video Camera?

Please indicate any specific software or special needs.


Please note that most classrooms in the Academic Center have a projector, DVD player and VCR installed.  If you are unsure whether that includes your classroom, please ask a Librarian for assistance.

SMART Podium Key
LCD Projector (on cart)
Laptop Speakers
Presentation Remote with Laser
TurningPoint Receiver with Response Clickers
Please indicate how many clickers are needed for class/event.

Mobile Laptop Cart with Laptops
Please Note: The maximum number of laptops that can be requested at one time is sixteen (16).
The Mobile Laptop Cart request must be verified by the Library.

Internet Data Cable
Wireless Node
Remote for Ceiling Projector
TV/VCR/DVD player (on cart)
Projection Screen
Classroom AV Cabinet Key