Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee was formed to guide the College in meeting assessment criteria established by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Members of the committee were appointed by the president of the College and include representatives from various departments throughout the college: VP of Finance and Operations, Accreditation Liaison officer, College President, Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research, Career and Transfer Counselor, VP Academic and Legal Affairs, Director of General Studies, and Program Director for Business.

2015 Assessment Committee
2015 Assessment Committee

The Mission and Goals of the Harcum College Assessment Committee are:

Mission Statement:

To develop, support, and oversee a cycle of continuous improvement in outcomes assessment for all College departments and academic programs using a systematic, integrated, data-driven, decision-making process. The assessment committee is dedicated to increasing collaboration between departments and to communicating the connection of the College mission and values to assessment and student learning.


  1. To develop, implement, and maintain a college-wide assessment plan for a continuous cycle of review that evaluates student learning at course, program, and institutional levels.
  2. To assess administrative functions and processes to ensure best practices are being employed.
  3. To provide a focal point for the College's accountability and communication to all stakeholders.
  4. To create a culture of assessment that is maintained between regional accreditation review cycles.

System of Assessment:

The Assessment Committee is pleased to present the following documents, which have been the major focal point of the Committee’s work over the past year and which are designed to support a systematic approach to assessment at the College. 

The Assessment Cascading Loop (Fig. 1) is a visual representation of the assessment process at Harcum College.  Through this diagram, the Committee aims both to document a comprehensive cycle of assessment at the College and to demonstrate clearly the role each person or office on the campus holds in the larger cycle of institutional assessment.

The Assessment Process Overview (Fig. 2), in a similar fashion, outlines key assessment processes performed by various campus departments/offices, categorized by source, purpose, and time frame.

Together, these diagrams are intended to represent “The Big Picture of Assessment” at Harcum.

The Assessment Committee is beginning the first phase of an active rollout, marked by the publication of these documents and the distribution of a revised Annual Outcomes Assessment Form (AOA). This form is a revision, not an addition, to assessment forms previously in use.  You can expect to hear additional information from your Department Head/Supervisor in the coming months as well as at January Startup.

Figure 1:
Click on Cascading Loop for interactive version with additional details.

Cascading Loop


Figure 2:

Assessment Process