Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement
Harcum College provides its students with an opportunity for outstanding academic, career, and life preparation. We teach, mentor, and prepare students for success in their chosen profession in an experiential environment.  Harcum’s core values of excellence, civility, empowerment, integrity, community service, and respect for diversity assure that every student is valued and supported.


Founded by Edith Hatcher Harcum in 1915, the College has empowered generations of students by preparing them for dignified, remunerative, socially useful work. Providing tangible possibilities for individual success remains a central purpose of Harcum – “The College of Possibilities.”

By coupling practical, experiential education with exposure to the liberal arts, Harcum, from its inception, has also sought to enrich its graduates by broadening their intellectual and cultural horizons. For students who are uncertain about career choices, Harcum’s mission is to encourage self-discovery and to promote learning for learning’s sake. For those who see the liberal arts and sciences as a springboard to a specialized career, Harcum helps students identify appropriate directions for development.

In addition, Harcum is committed to preparing its students for responsible citizenship by fostering a keen sense of social responsibility through service learning, curricular emphasis and co-curricular programs. Harcum welcomes men and women of varied ages, nations, cultures, races and social backgrounds. The College believes that diversity enhances the academic and co-curricular experiences of its undergraduates. As a private, residential college, Harcum believes that for many students residential life can be an important part of an education. 

As a consequence, the College is committed to providing a broad range of programs in its residence halls. Harcum’s mission is to remain among the foremost independent, two-year, career-oriented colleges in America. Already renowned for its outstanding offerings in the Allied Health Sciences, Harcum continues to give equal prominence to other highly successful programs and to be responsive to new possibilities as they emerge in regional and national labor markets. As in the past, Harcum will continue to provide its graduates with possibilities- to realize their potential by inspiring in them the view that learning is a lifelong process.

Civility Statement

Harcum College defines civility as the demonstration of respect for others, basic courtesy, use of non-offensive language, reciprocity (treating others as we wish to be treated), and behavior that creates a positive environment in which to learn and work.

All members of the Harcum community work to create a positive environment characterized by considerate and principled conduct.