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In 2005, Harcum College, in collaboration with I-LEAD, Inc. (a community based non-profit that works to improve local quality of life by helping to strengthen citizens as effective community leaders) launched the first accelerated associate’s degree program in Leadership Studies.  Since then, additional majors and locations have been added to the surrounding five-county area. The growth of the accelerated degree programs is largely due to a unique initiative between Harcum College, I-LEAD, Inc. and local community based organizations. These community based organizations are located throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, bringing the opportunity of higher education to residents of some of the Commonwealth's most challenged communities. At our North Philadelphia location, both Harcum College and I-LEAD, Inc. have partnered with Congreso de Latinos Unidos. Congreso is a nationally recognized community based non-profit organization that primarily serves the neighborhoods of eastern North Philadelphia.  They have been providing human services for more than 30 years with a focus on education and employment.

The programs offer affordable tuition, an accelerated format, and convenient evening courses, which meet twice a week. The programs are fully accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education through Harcum College. Students participating in the programs are fully-matriculated students of Harcum College and their degree is awarded by Harcum College. The programs encompass the key elements necessary for success, enabling the graduate to address the complexities of today’s workforce.

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Partnership Site Student" I have five outstanding, innovative, and highly motivated children. As the first of my family to have excelled in college, I take education very seriously. I have an approach to knowledge as some people have to the general idea of fun. I explore obtaining knowledge with the purest intent to have it, in the best possible ways.  

My philosophy of education is to be that blank slate, or tabula rasa, that awaits an instructor. It is such an essential part of my life and career to have the latest, most effective methods and information on the rearing of young people. As a former psychology major, I am now a senior ECE student currently learning at a partnership site in Upper Darby, PA, thanks to excellent site coordinators.

I chose to study at Harcum College because it had all of the requirements I needed to return to school, including the fast-paced learning, the supportive and compassionate staff, and the highly recognized credits that are associated with this program. It has been such a positive experience just applying my studies to my own children and to my work as a child care instructor and office liaison."
- IvoNia Robinson