Law & Justice (Partnership Sites)

The Law & Justice program prepares students for careers in public law enforcement (such as a police officer, FBI Agent, or National Security Agent), private law enforcement (such as Insurance investigation or Private Security Crime Analyst), and social services work (such as probation officer, Human Relations Commission, Pre-Trial Services, Victim Representative, or Corrections Officer).

Employment of detectives, special agents, and other law enforcement officers is expected to increase faster than average for all occupations due to the increase in the nation’s population and police protection needs.

This program also provides a strong foundation for students interested in continuing their education in a bachelor’s degree program and has articulation agreements with numerous four-year colleges.

Accelerated Degree Admissions Requirements:

  • Completed Harcum College Accelerated Degree Application
  • Evidence of Qualification for College Admission (legible copy of diploma, GED or High School Transcript evidencing graduation)
  • Official College Transcripts (if applicable)

Financial Aid Deadline

  • FAFSA form priority deadline is April 1st
  • PHEAA Grant deadline is May 1st
Accelerated Law and Justice Course Information

Completion of the courses listed below is required for an Associate’s degree. Certificate students will complete the program-specific courses noted below. Please refer to the current Course Catalog for course descriptions as well as course pre-requisites and/or co-requisites.

Prior to placement in College level Math and English courses, students are required to complete a placement test to determine if the student is adequately prepared or if the student would benefit from college preparation courses. College preparation courses qualify for Financial Aid but do not count towards degree completion. 

First Semester

CJ 101   Intro.To Crim. Justice   3 credits 
ENG 101  Composition  I  3 credits 
MTH 113  College Mathematics  3 credits 
HUM ELE  Humanities Elective (or LDR 101 or other approved) 3 credits  

Second Semester
LS 101  Intro. Legal Studies  3 credits 
ENG 102  Composition II  3 credits 
CJ 185  Policing & Police Practices  3 credits 
SOC ELE  Sociology Elective (or LDR 102 or other)  3 credits 
GEN ELE  General Elective  3 credits 

Third Semester

CJ 215  Juvenile Delinquency & Justice  3 credits 
CJ 230  Punishment & Corrections  3 credits 
DVR ELE  Diversity Elective  3 credits 
GEN ELE  General  Elective  3 credits 

Fourth Semester

CJ 275  Criminal Law & Procedure  3 credits 
SCI ELE  Science Elective  3 credits 
LS 202  Torts  3 credits 
CJ 200  The American Court System  3 credits 

Fifth Semester

LS Elective  Legal Studies Elective  3 credits 
CJ  Elective  Criminal Justice Elective  3 credits 
CJ Elective  Criminal Justice Elective  3 credits 
GEN ELE  General Elective  3 credits 

Total:   63 credits

Students are required to have 62 credit hours for graduation. Students must complete 30 credit hours at Harcum.

ELE is an open elective. Any 3-credit college-level course may an open elective requirement. CJ Electives are listed in the catalog. CJ electives include: “Domestic Violence,” “Organized Crime,” “White Collar Crime,” “Critical Issues in Criminal Justice,” and other courses.


Richard Austin
Law & Justice Program Director
Academic Center
Phone: 610-526-6025



Law & Justice graduates are prepared for entry-level jobs in fields such as:

  • airport security
  • CIA/FBI agent
  • border patrol agent
  • corrections officer
  • police officer
  • detective and customs agent