Refunds for Books & Supplies
Effective July 1, 2011, all students who have satisfied the following eligibility requirements by the tenth day prior to the beginning of each semester are entitled to a book voucher by the seventh day after the semester has begun, to cover the costs of books and supplies, based on the amount estimated by the financial aid office for the relevant academic year:
  1. Student is Pell Grant eligible
  2. Student is eligible to receive a refund from Title IV funds (Pell Grant, SEOG, Direct Stafford and PLUS)
  3. All documentation has been submitted and/or completed including tax returns, verification worksheets, master promissory notes and entrance counseling
Refund Policy
If a student must withdraw from the College, or is dismissed, the basic refund formula is as follows:

Fall & Spring Semesters
  • First day of semester to end of drop/add period: 100%
  • First week after drop/add period: 80%
  • Second week after drop/add period: 40%
  • After second week of drop/add period: No Refund

Online Courses
  • Before the first meeting of class: 100%
  • After the first meeting of class: No Refund

This policy applies only to students who withdraw from all coursework. There is no penalty during the add/drop period if the student remains enrolled in other courses.

Room and Board charges are refundable only if a cancellation notice is received two weeks before the semester begins. Once the student has moved into the Residence Hall and then leaves, he/she will receive a refund only for meals not taken.

Refunds due to Overpayment of Financial Aid
Students who pay their tuition with financial aid may be eligible for a refund once all aid is posted to the student's account and the amount exceeds their charges for that semester.

All refund checks will be mailed to the students' permanent address unless an electronic refund account is active.

Electronic Refunds

Refunds due to students may be transferred directly to a designated checking or savings account. The electronic refund option is only available for student refunds. Parent plus loan refunds will be mailed to the parent's address on file.

To set up a bank account, go to Self-Service by logging into the HarcumHatch:
  • From the Self-Service home page select the "View Bill/Make a Payment" tab
  • Select the sub-tab "Make a Payment"
  • Under eRefund tab select "Click here to enroll in eRefund"
  • From here you can sign-up to receive your refund electronically. You will be asked to provide a the bank routing and account numbers for either a checking or savings account.

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