One of the goals of the Kevin D. Marlo Little Theatre is to build an arts community in Bryn Mawr and the surrounding areas. This is not something that can be achieved by one person. How can you help? Give us your ideas!!!

How can we make the Little Theatre a place that you want to visit and spend time in? What kinds of events would you attend? Do you know of artists that are looking for an outlet to express their creativity? Feel free to think outside the box.

Help us make the Little Theatre a vital part of the community. The virtual suggestion box is open. Post your suggestions here. The suggestion box is anonymous, but if you would like to include your contact information, please feel free to do so.

For more information on the Kevin D. Marlo Little Theatre, please contact:

    Laurie Plaza
    750 Montgomery Avenue
    Bryn Mawr, Pa 19010
    Phone:  610-526-6038

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For more info, contact:

Laurie Plaza
Phone: 610-526-6038
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