What is the Educational Success Center?
The Educational Success Center's mission is to help students develop the skills necessary to achieve their academic and career goals through tutoring, computer use, software, and workshops.

Where is the ESC?
The ESC is located on Harcum's Bryn Mawr Campus in room 101 of the Academic Center.  

Who can use the ESC?
The ESC is for all enrolled Harcum students.

Who works at the ESC?
The ESC is staffed with highly qualified professional and peer tutors. Many of the professional tutors have taught the courses they tutor. The peer tutors earned an 'A' in the classes they tutor, are recommended by the faculty, and trained by the ESC staff.

Do I have to pay to use the ESC?

No. Though professional tutoring can cost over sixty dollars per hour, the ESC provides tutoring up to two hours per week, per class, for free. A combination of grants such as the Carl. D. Perkins and Student Support Services provide all the services we offer to Harcum Students for free.  

Computer Use

Who can use the computers?
All current Harcum students can use the computers in the ESC for Academic use.

What is Academic use?
The ESC is an Academic area for students to complete their course work. The computers are only for writing papers, researching or using our software, and printing. Facebook and chatting are not allowed.

How many pages can I print?
You can print up to 10 pages per day. If you are printing a PowerPoint, make sure you put multiple slides on a page. If you have questions, please see a staff member. Any member of the ESC reserves the right to stop a print job larger than 10 pages. If you have a larger printing job, please go to the Library.

Do you accept walk-ins?
Yes. You can feel free to walk in anytime.  However, be advised that tutors may already have appointments and may not be able to see you immediately.  Scheduling an appointment is always helpful.


What is tutoring?
Tutoring is one-to-one or group assistance for courses at Harcum. The tutor's goal is to help students develop the skills necessary to succeed in their courses.

Will tutoring improve my grade?
Many students find that tutoring has helped in their classes, but it is important to remember that it is your class, your work, and your grade. Tutoring is a supplement to the course, not a replacement for attending class, reading the textbook, taking notes, completing homework, and studying. See the "How to Prepare" link for information on how to make your session effective.  

How long does a tutoring session last?
Generally, each session is between 30-45 minutes.

How many sessions can I sign up for?
In order to serve the needs of all Harcum students, you may sign up for two sessions, per class, per week in advance. However, if a tutor is available, you may have more sessions as a walk-in appointment.

What do I need to bring?
Bring all materials from your course, such as notes, books, worksheets, assignments, homework, handouts, drafts, etc. that are relevant to your tutoring session. To prepare for your session, make a list of the concepts you understand well, the concepts you have some questions on, and the concepts which you don't understand after reviewing the material.

Do I need to sign up in advance?
You do not need to sign up in advance, but it is recommended. You can schedule your appointments up to two weeks in advance. If you know you have a test or paper due in two weeks, please sign up for a time in advance. To set up an appointment, you may visit our website and click “Schedule An Appointment” on our home page. You may also contact the center at 610-526-6103, email or, or visit us in room 101 in the Academic Center on Harcum's Bryn Mawr Campus.

What should I do if a tutor is not available when I am? Contact the Coordinator, Owen Binczewski, or the Coordinator, John Velez, and plan in advance. Our tutors often teach courses at Harcum or other schools, but given advanced notice (one to two weeks), they may be able to accommodate your schedule within reason. Also, visit our online page for more information on online tutoring to determine if it is right for you.


What is a workshop?
A workshop is a time students can meet as a group with a tutor to discuss a topic. We offer workshops on many topics such as strategies for success in A&P, Microbiology, Mathematics, and final exams in addition to skill-based workshops for research papers.

Do I need to sign-up in advance?
No, you may just attend the workshop.

Will I get credit in a course if I attend a workshop?
Individual instructors will determine whether credit is given for attending a workshop. If you attend, your instructor will be notified that you were present.

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Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Friday & Evenings: available by appointment, please call in advance


Bryn Mawr Campus
Academic Center
Room 101
Phone: 610-526-6103


Owen Binczewski

John Velez

Funded by: Carl Perkins, Student Support Services, and Educational Support Services grants