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E-mail Tutoring for Essays, Research Papers, and Rèsumès

With email tutoring, no appointment is necessary. Once a paper or essay is submitted, the tutor will provide you with the necessary resources, questions, and feedback to help you improve your revising and editing skills. It is important to remember that the tutor is not the editor or the writer of the paper; you are responsible for your final product and will correct any errors.

To have a tutor review your paper, please attach and email it to

In the email, please include the following:

  • The paper as a Microsoft word attachment
  • The class name
  • The Professor’s name
  • A short description of the assignment
  • The required formatting style for your paper (MLA, APA, or AMA)
  • Any specific areas that you would like the tutor to address

All tutoring requests must be made from a valid Harcum email address. For assistance with email address access, please contact IT support at 610-526-1867. You will receive feedback within 48 hours of your request. This does not necessarily include papers submitted on Thursday nights thru the weekend.

A .pdf version of your paper with comments and questions from the tutor in the margins. If you have difficulty understanding the comments. An example of the feedback is provided below:

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