How to Prepare for Tutoring

Most students show improvement in their classes if they prepare in the following ways for tutoring:

1. Attend class and take notes.

2. Read all required material and complete all homework.

3. Before coming to the tutoring session, categorize the information in three categories: things you know very well, things you generally know well, and things you do not understand. This will help you and your tutor prioritize the session.

4. Sign up for tutoring in advance. Make sure you have time to reflect on the tutor's suggestions and recommendations as well as time to complete any studying, writing, revising, or editing.

5. Bring all relevant information to the tutoring session. This includes, a textbook, worksheets, notes, assignments, drafts, etc. If you are not prepared, the tutor may ask you to reschedule the session.

6. Understand that tutoring is not an effective replacement for studying. However, the tutors will help you develop effective study skills.

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