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The mission of the On-Line Education Department (OED) of Harcum College is to foster, support, and promote excellence in teaching and learning in on-line and blended education; to develop and enforce policies, processes and standards that ensure quality of on-line and blended courses and the instructors of these courses; to use technology to meet the diverse needs of our learners; and to comply with federal, state and industry accreditation and quality standards.

Faculty can access the informational and instructional resources below to enhance the teaching and learning experience:

Curriculum and Course Proposal Form
Program directors seeking to add an online, blended, or face2face course or program will complete this Curriculum and Course Proposal Form and follow the protocol as directed on the form.

Harcum College Online Course Evaluation and Development Guidelines
These guidelines are designed for instructors to follow in developing a quality online course and for reviewing the quality of current courses.

Course and Syllabus Design
This video from the Online Learning Consortium (formerly: Sloan Consortium on Online Learning) gives insight into developing a syllabus design focusing on course objectives and goals, creating a course outline, and including information that students will find useful throughout the course.

PBT 210-IN Phlebotomy Spring 2014
This document is a Harcum syllabus for MLS 210-IN Phlebotomy and it follows the Online Learning Consortium format recommended in the video.

Online Teaching Presence
This video from the Online Learning Consortium gives strategies on creating a strong teaching presence in your online courses.
Additional resource “The Community of Inquiry”.

Managing Your Time and Reducing your Workload, Part 1
This video from the Online Learning Consortium gives time saving and workload saving strategies that can be used as you develop and organize your course.

Managing Your Time and Reducing your Workload, Part 2
This video from the Online Learning Consortium gives tips and strategies to save time and reduce workload while you are actually teaching your course.

Copyright, Fair use, and Creative Commons
This video gives a brief overview on the application of Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons in education.

Harcum LibGuide Resources
Online and Blended Teaching Resources from the the Harcum LibGuide
Active Learning and Classroom Flipping Resources from the Harcum LibGuide
Information on plagerism from the Harcum LibGuide

Books available in the Harcum Library
Building Online Learning Communities: Effective Strategies for the Virtual Classroom
Rena Paloloff, Keith Pratt
Jossey-Bass Publishers
ISBN 978-07879-8825-8

Lessons from the Virtual Classroom: The Realities of Online Teaching
2nd edition
Rena Paloloff, Keith Pratt
Jossey-Bass Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-118-12373-7

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