Barbara Bossell Brunner '77


Barbara Boswell Brunner '77


A lifetime of living with and loving dogs led Barbara Boswell Brunner '77 to pen a new book called Dog-Ma, the Zen of Slobber, published in 2011. Barbara and her husband Ray brought nine dogs into their ever-changing world of relocation and running businesses over the years, with the dogs proving to be the single constant in their hectic lives.
"I was a bit restless, and I decided to start writing the book that I had bouncing around in my head for at least 20 years. From that restlessness, Dog-Ma, the Zen of Slobber, was born," Brunner said in a recent interview for Patches Magazine.
Dogma, the Zen of Slobber is arranged in a series of vignettes that have been called "laugh out loud funny" to "heartbreaking." It is available on More information is available at, or read Andy Back's profile in the new Issuu version of Patches, Spring/Summer 2014. 

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