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Harcum College has offered online courses since 2002.  Online courses provide the flexibility, convenience and anytime/anywhere access that many of today’s learners require to suit busy family, work and school schedules.

Online course are offered through WebStudy, a web-based Learning Management System that offers 24/7, 365 access to online courses and technical support.   Harcum’s online courses are designed, developed and taught according to best practices in online education and feature dynamic interactive  learning environments.   All instructors are trained and supervised according to best practices with the focus on instructor facilitation of student-centered learning in individual and group assignments, projects and activities.

Harcum College’s Online courses adhere to the same academic standards as their face-to-face counterparts on campus:  all academic policies and procedures on campus and course goals and objectives apply to online courses.

Why take an online course?

Online courses provide an opportunity for self-directed, dedicated students to take classes outside of the traditional classroom. There are many reasons why a student would choose to take an online course. Online courses can:
  • eliminate your traveling time saving you time and money
  • give you the option of completing your assignments when you have the time
  • create flexibility in your schedule allowing you to take two courses that might be offered at the same time
  • enable you to work around family or work obligations while taking a course
  • allow you to experience learning in a less structured environment such as you will experience in your job or other areas of life
  • help you to develop a level of personal responsibility and time management that may not be possible in a traditional classroom
  •  improve your computer skills that can maximize your career opportunities
Who should take an online course?

Online courses are not for everyone. There is a high level of social interaction in an online course, but it is not the same as being in a classroom on campus. Although they are more convenient and flexible, online courses are not easier than traditional courses.  In an online course, the student must be an active participant and must be willing to communicate frequently with the instructor and with other students in order to succeed. Online courses, like traditional courses can involve reading articles, writing papers, class discussions, taking tests, solving problems, watching videos, listening to podcasts, and researching data. Online students must be able to stay on task without direct supervision and should possess the following skills: self-motivation and determination, computer literacy, good reading comprehension, good communication and writing skills, the ability to follow directions, and the willingness to meet deadlines.          

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