Technical Requirements

In all cases, the latest versions of software and operating systems, and high-speed (broadband) internet connections are recommended and will offer the optimum performance of WebStudy. Listed below are minimum requirements.

Minimum Recommended basic hardware and software for Mac and PC users:
• Pentium 3 processor with Windows 2000 or newer (Windows 7 preferred)
• Mac computer with dual processor compatible with Flash player
• OS X or later
• 256 Megabytes of RAM or more (recommended)
• audio card with speakers
• Display with at least 800x600 pixels
• CD-ROM drive
• Online Internet Service Provider required (56k modem or faster connection)
• Latest available versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
• Flash Player (current version required)
• Windows Media Player (most recent version)
• Word processing software that can save files in Word or RTF (Microsoft Word highly recommended)
• Depending on your course, you may need other programs such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or a viewer for PowerPoint. These free plug-ins are available by visiting WebStudy’s home page under ‘Download Plugins’.

Online students must have a backup plan in the event their computer or Internet service fails. Computer malfunction is not accepted as an excuse for late work. All course work should be saved on the student’s computer and on a separate disk or flash drive. Online students must be able to devote 8-12 hours (online and offline) per week to the course.

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