Accessing WebStudy

How to Access WebStudy and/or Your Online Course

  • Login to the Harcum Portal from the Harcum website
    • Your login username and password must be obtained from your Academic Advisor 
  • Once logged in select the "WebStudy" icon from the list of options
  • Under "Select a Course", select the current semester orientation course
    • The WebStudy Orientation Course is a self-directed learning module. There will be no instructor with whom you will communicate. Contact your instructor or Online Education staff (see contact information below) with any questions. If you have already completed a WebStudy course, the Orientation course is optional, but you may want to complete it as a refresher.
  • After you have taken the orientation you may select your course from the list of options

What to do After You Access Your Online Course

  • For all online courses, please e-mail your instructor via Harcum College email, that you have successfully logged into your course
  • Please read carefully The Guidelines for Online Students

What to do If You Cannot Access your course through the Harcum Portal

  • If you do not see the WebStudy icon after logging into the Harcum Portal or the icon is not active when clicked, you should contact Harcum’s IT department by email at or by phone at 610-526-1867.
  • If you can gain access to WebStudy, but do not see your course, contact Professor Pipitone at
  • DO NOT contact WebStudy support for problems with the Harcum Portal or your course.

For Assistance, Contact:

  • Your instructor at his/her Harcum email = first initial of first name last name (example:
  • Steve Pipitone, Director of Online Education/Professor, at  610-526-6013
  • WebStudy support 888-326-4058, Option 3

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Contact Information:
Stephen Pipitone
Director of Online Education/Professor
Phone: 610-526-6053

WebStudy Support
888-326-4058 option 3