Move-In Information

Fall 2017 Move-in
Friday, August 25, 2017
10am - 3pm

All prospective residents will receive their housing and roommate assignments via email/ mail prior to moving on campus. All students must complete and return a record of immunizations. Download now>>

Please consult the Academic Calendar for other important dates.

I'm here!...Now what?

  • Report to the lobby of your building with your valid photo ID
  • Check-in
  • Move into your room
  • Unpack
  • Meet your roommate and suite mates

Move-in Day Schedule

10am - 3pm
Resident Students Move-in (Pennswood/Klein Lobby)
3pm Families say their goodbyes  
Mandatory Residence Hall Floor Meetings
(Klein Dining Hall)
5pm - 6pm
Dinner as a floor (Klein Hall)
Floor Meetings
*See your RA/signs for location.*
Fun Social



Residence hall rooms contain:

  • Bed (twin)
  • Desk and chair
  • Dresser
  • Closet
  • Cable access (provided by COMCAST – you pay for yourself)
  • Internet access
    All residence hall rooms have access to the campus wide Wi-Fi network. Wireless service is available throughout campus.

Residence hall common areas contain:

  • Laundry facilities (quarter operated)
  • Lounges and study areas
  • Cable televisions
  • Snack machines


In an effort to ease your transition from home to college, we suggest that you consider bringing some of the following items. Please communicate with your roommate so you don't bring two (or more) of the same item(s):

  • Bedding - Sheets, pillows, blankets, mattress pad, and comforter (Both Residence Halls have regular twin beds)
  • Alarm clock
  • Lamp
  • Trash can
  • Toiletries, toilet paper
  • Flip flops, a robe, towels, and washcloths
  • Shower Curtain
  • Sewing kit
  • Laundry basket, laundry detergent
  • Iron and ironing board
  • First Aid kit, prescriptions
  • Cellphone
  • Cleaning Supplies (it is your responsibility to clean your room and bathroom and keep it stocked with toilet paper, soap, etc.)
  • Hangers
  • Television
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator 3.5 cubic feet or smaller
  • Rug
  • Safe/lock box to lock up valuables
  • Fan
  • Umbrella
  • Posters to decorate the room
  • Pictures of family and friends
  • Your insurance card/insurance information


In an effort to maintain a healthy and safe living environment, the following items are not permitted in residence halls:

  • Candles (lit or unlit)
  • Toaster ovens, hot plates, Foreman grills, or any other cooking appliances
  • Furniture
  • Pets
  • Charcoal or gas grill
  • Halogen lamps
  • Incense
  • Fireworks
  • Firearms (including paintball guns), knives, or slingshots
  • Illegal drugs
  • Alcohol