Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to live on campus?
When you apply to Harcum, you have the opportunity to choose whether you would be a resident or commuter. If you have signed up to be a resident, you will also need to fill out a housing application and pay a housing $200-housing deposit to secure your place on campus.

How are students assigned to residence halls?
In general, housing assignments are based on the date your application & housing deposit is processed. Other factors that guide your housing assignment may include: participation in a designated Living and Learning Community, documented medical needs, and preferences specified in the housing questionnaire.

How are roommates assigned?

We look at all the housing forms, and pair students based on responses to the housing questionnaire. Therefore, it is extremely important that you are very forthright when filling out this form to increase the chances of being placed with a compatible roommate.

If I know someone else who is attending Harcum, can we be roommates?
Yes, you can request a friend to be your roommate. When you fill out the housing form, there is a section where you can list the person you prefer to live with. However, you must make sure that they list you on their housing form as well to solidify your request. If they don't, we may not be able to honor your request. If you both list each other, we will have no problem placing you as roommates.

What size sheets should I bring?

Standard twin size sheets will fit.

Will my room have cable TV service?
Yes. Every residence hall room is cable ready. However, you would need to bring your own television and pay for the cable service yourself.

I would like to bring my computer. What do I need to connect to the campus computer system and what services are provided?
Every computer is configured differently, and one solution may not apply to each and every case. For complete information regarding computer use in the residence halls you can consult IT Services at 610-526-1867.

Who can I contact for help or advice?
Students with problems or questions often turn to their Resident Assistants (RAs) for help. Resident Assistants are students who live in the residence halls and have been specially trained to provide appropriate assistance to other residents. Also, Residence Life staff members are available to help you by providing information, advice, counsel, referral, or assistance in emergencies.
For help with any other problems that may arise, there are many other support services Harcum College offers, including career services, health and wellness education, counseling and psychological services, the disability resource center, and academic tutoring.

Do the halls remain open during vacation periods?
The residence halls and dining service operations are closed when the College is not in session; though special housing accommodations are made for international students, who are current residents, upon approval from the Office of Student Life.

How does a student living off-campus get on-campus residency?
The Office for Residence Life maintains an on-campus housing waiting list for students who currently commute from home or who live off-campus, and who wish to live in one of the residence halls on campus. Students who place their name on the housing waiting list should be advised that the list is managed on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

Are students guaranteed on-campus housing for both years?

Given that the demand for housing traditionally exceeds capacity, Harcum College is unable to guarantee on-campus housing for any of our students.

Can all students have a car on-campus?

Students may have cars on campus, but all students whom have a car on campus must purchase a parking permit. All inquiries in regard to parking should be directed to the department of Campus Safety 610-526-6099

Do I need insurance to cover my belongings?
In accordance with the Housing Contract, the College is not responsible for the loss of personal property. Residents are encouraged to protect all valuables under their family's homeowner’s insurance policy. Please contact your personal insurance agent to inquire if additional coverage is necessary.

What should I do if I have a conflict with my roommate?
You should contact your Resident Assistant if a conflict should arise between you and your roommate. Resident Assistants are student members of the Residence Life staff that live in the residence halls.

If roommates have differences that cannot be mediated, can room assignments be changed?
Students encountering difficulties with their roommates should first discuss these problems with their resident assistant and be prepared to mediate a solution. Irreconcilable differences will be brought to the attention of the Asst. Director & Dir. of Residence Life.

What happens if I get sick?
If a student becomes sick, they can go to Health Services located in Klein Hall. In the event that a student becomes too ill to make it to Health Services or if the Health Services Office is closed, The Office of Campus Safety or 911 should be contacted.

Is there a campus shuttle service; where does it go?
No, though public transportation is within walking distance and travels to and from Center City Philadelphia/ surrounding areas daily. Harcum offers students a 10% discount on monthly and semester rail, bus and trolley passes through SEPTA. Call Student Life at 610-526-6080 for information.

How do I find out my mailbox number and combination?

Residential students can obtain their Mail Room box number and combination from the Assistant Director of Residence Life. The Mail Room is located inside the Commuter Lounge located in the basement of the Academic Center.