Student Government Association2015-2016 SGA Members:

Vice President: Lauren Fura
Secretary/Treasurer: Anastasija Jurisic
Residence Hall Representative: Olivia Everett




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SGA Office Hours:
Thursdays at 1pm in the SGA Office in Klein Hall

What is SGA?
The Student Government Association is a group of student leaders who represent the student body by making recommendations to and consulting with the college administration, faculty, and staff on matters that concern the well being of the student body. SGA members meet with staff from the dining hall, maintenance, and security to address any concerns of the students. SGA coordinates student forums with the Harcum’s President, Dr. DeTemple, and other college administrators. SGA coordinates fundraising and selection of the senior class gift. SGA may plan various student events.

Why join SGA?
As a member of SGA, you are the voice for your classmates and your school. You help make decisions to make the college better and develop relationships with faculty and staff. The stronger SGA is, the more voice students will have in the activities of the college. You also play an important role in commencement activities. Being a member of SGA shows your strength as a leader at Harcum, and is a valuable addition to your resume.

Once I’m a member of SGA, what would I have to do?
SGA members meet every other week for about an hour.  The SGA President sets the agenda for these meetings and usually you spend time planning for upcoming activities, discussing issues on campus, or reporting back about past meetings or events. SGA members have other duties depending on their position, including acting as a student liaison to food, maintenance, or security staff.
How do I become a member of SGA?
Please contact Urick Lewis, Dean of Student Life at

What is my motivation for applying for this position?
Student Government is about being a voice for the students. As part of the application process you need to consider how you would be a voice for Harcum's student body. Be prepared to explain what you want to accomplish as a member of the SGA in support of the student body and how you will accomplish it.