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Elainie Demeter
Harcum has done a great job developing their OTA program. It is the ideal field to make a real difference in people's lives because I can treat the entire person.
- Elainie Demeter '22, OTA
Sarah Stowman ’15
One thing Harcum prides itself in is teaching their students to think outside the box.
- Sarah Stowman ’15, Veterinary Nursing
Ernest Prince ’15
Harcum prepares you for who you are going to become, not just an excellent nurse, but a better person.
- Ernest Prince ’15, Nursing
Tara Focht '14
I love the technical side of interior design, so outside of my regular job, I also tutor Interior Design students in the computer drafting program AutoCAD.
- Tara Focht '14, Interior Design
Brielle Pierce '17, Fashion Merchandising

Harcum unlocked the potential, talent, and power that I did not realize was hidden within me and offered me the resources, the support, and the guidance, to use them to my fullest ability.

- Brielle Pierce '17, Fashion Merchandising
Hyneef Banks '20
The hands on practicals and clinical experiences throughout the program prepared me for what I encountered on the job.
- Hyneef Banks '20, Physical Therapist Assistant
Joshua Mason ’19
The devotion teachers gave to us...they were always available and always helped us out when we needed something.
- Joshua Mason ’19, General Studies