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Covid information

In response to the spread of the Delta variant, Harcum College has instituted a vaccine requirement for the Bryn Mawr Campus as of September 2, 2021, for all students, faculty, staff, and adjuncts. Details and deadlines regarding the vaccine requirement are listed Staying Safe and Healthy COVID-19 page.

An indoor mask protocol is also in place for the Bryn Mawr Campus. Masking outdoors is optional. The community is encouraged to continue using a daily screening tool and COVID-19 reporting form. The complete record of COVID-19 positivity at Harcum is available on the COVID-19 page as well as our Cares Act distribution and reporting, and a general FAQ

Upcoming Events

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The Volleyball Team plays Harrisburg Area Community College.
Elainie Demeter
Harcum has done a great job developing their OTA program. It is the ideal field to make a real difference in people's lives because I can treat the entire person.
- Elainie Demeter '22, OTA
Amber O'Connell
The professors in the Photography Program have been invaluable. They prepare us, guide us every step of the way, and help us succeed. They welcome you with open arms to become a working professional in any photography area of your choosing.
- Amber O'Connell '21, Photography
Ernest Prince ’15
Harcum prepares you for who you are going to become, not just an excellent nurse, but a better person.
- Ernest Prince ’15, Nursing
Brielle Pierce '17, Fashion Merchandising

Harcum unlocked the potential, talent, and power that I did not realize was hidden within me and offered me the resources, the support, and the guidance, to use them to my fullest ability.

- Brielle Pierce '17, Fashion Merchandising
Tara Focht '14
I love the technical side of interior design, so outside of my regular job, I also tutor Interior Design students in the computer drafting program AutoCAD.
- Tara Focht '14, Interior Design
Sarah Stowman ’15
One thing Harcum prides itself in is teaching their students to think outside the box.
- Sarah Stowman ’15, Veterinary Nursing
Joshua Mason ’19
The devotion teachers gave to us...they were always available and always helped us out when we needed something.
- Joshua Mason ’19, General Studies